Therapy Sessions

Sensory Kids combines advance sensory integration therapy with playful techniques, in a safe and familiar environment where the child feels confident and secure.   Other techniques, such as listening therapy and/or reflex integration,  are included on an as-needed basis to help address underlying issues more quickly.  Though we begin with simple play-based activities, the skills taught here will last a lifetime.

Private: We offer private occupational therapy using sensory-integration techniques rich in vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile inputs – areas where many children with neurological issues have deficits. The approach encourages children’s nervous systems to process and integrate sensory input in organized and meaningful ways. As their adaptive responses provide feedback, their nervous systems mature and organize at increasingly higher levels. Ultimately, the children can interact with – and adapt to – their environment more successfully.  Sessions are always one-on-one with a treating therapist.  Since Sensory Kids has three sensory gyms, your child will have the opportunity to work along side other one-on-one sessions as appropriate allowing for socialization or work in a more individualized manner.

Semi-Private: Therapy sessions can also be done with two children and one therapist appropriately matched to add a new dimension to treatment and to help work on social skills. This is a great idea for children who excel in one-on-one situations but have a difficult time within a group setting. Typically, a semi-private session is considered after a child first has received individual therapy to address foundational-level skills.

Private Intensive: Take a look at our intensives page for more information.

Handwriting Services

Using “Handwriting Without Tears,” and several other programs, Sensory Kids offers individual and group services for the development of pre-writing and writing skills.