Listening Programs

We offer the Integrated Listening System (a Tomatis-based approach) program.

Integrated Listening System

The Integrated Listening System (iLS) is a psychoacoustic therapeutic approach, developed by Dr. Ron Minson and based on the pioneering work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, using the most advanced technology available.

The ability to listen and differentiate between sounds affects cortical stimulation and nerve pathways related to the following areas:

+ Organization, modulation and attention
+ Speech and language skills
+ Cognitive development
+ Learning and academics
+ Movement, coordination and rhythm
+ Socialization
+ Creativity and personal growth

iLS programs are available primarily in the clinic setting. In addition, we offer a iLS home program that integrates movement with music and that has four preset protocols.

We customize each iLS-based program to a child’s needs, and we support it with home programs, sensory diets and therapeutic services tailored specifically for each child. The result is auditory re-education, which can facilitate remarkable progress toward a child’s targeted functions.