Occupational Therapy Intensives

Recent research indicates that therapy is most effective when delivered in “bursts” of treatment. Intensives are sessions designed to accomplish a goal in a shorter amount of time. Typically 3-5 times a week for 1-2 hours a day of occupational therapy based on your therapist’s recommendation and individual treatment goals.

Intensives are great to help with transitions (i.e., back to school), participation in group activities, preparation for fall and team sports, and/or organization and attention concerns. They can also be helpful when your child is facing a new developmental challenge or whenever your family wishes to enhance or reinforce the changes effected by ongoing therapy.

We also have many clients that travel from a distant to come to Sensory Kids for intensive therapy.  This is a great service to focus on therapy over vacations or summers.  Please see Non-local services.

Auditory/Occupational Therapy Intensives

This is a great introduction to our intensive listening services or as a boost for those who have already completed a listening program. By incorporating occupational therapy during the listening sessions we can truly integrate the whole body. We will work together as a team to design a customized program for your child based on their individual treatment goals.

This is especially useful for those who have trouble listening and attending in a multi-sensory environment, have trouble looking at you when speaking and/or participating in social/group situations.