Getting Started

Here’s how to get your child started with Sensory Kids therapy:

  • Initial Inquiry and conversation: When you call or e-mail Sensory Kids, someone will get back to you within 48 hours. The first step will be to complete an initial intake form over the phone. You will be given forms to fill out and return before setting up an evaluation.
  • Initial Intake Conversation: Once the center receives your forms, an evaluating therapist will talk with you to determine which evaluation/consultation service is most appropriate for your family. This is a 30-minute phone call. We will schedule an appointment with you during morning hours.
  • Evaluation: Together with your evaluating therapist, you will decide which occupational and/or auditory therapy evaluations your child might require.
  • Feedback meeting: Following the evaluations, we will ask you to fill out a feedback checklist, which becomes the basis for a meeting to provide feedback about the results of your child’s evaluations.
  • Services: At that point, you child will begin receiving the Sensory Kids services deemed most appropriate for your child.

Take a look at our checklist forms, at the bottom of the Getting Started page.