We recognize that each family comes begins this process with different questions and needs.  Please contact us so we can help guide you in which evaluation is most appropriate for your child (or self).  The focus of our evaluations is to determine if sensory processing is impacting your child with personal, social or educational concerns and help your family develop a plan to address this concerns.  School visits can also be added when appropriate during the evaluation process.


Screenings are a brief assessment of your child’s sensory processing abilities.  They are run by one of our evaluating staff and are scheduled for 90 minutes.  Screening are recommended for children who have recently received an OT evaluation (within the last 12 months), are transitioning from another practice, or may be receiving OT at school and would like additional information about their child and how sensory processing may be impacting academics/behavior.  Screenings include a parent (self) feedback meeting and optional written report with recommendations.


This comprehensive evaluation is run by both the director, Melissa Kahn, as well as one of the evaluating team.  This allows the elevator to fully connect with your child, as well as, to make sure all clinical observations are fully observed.  Evaluations are usually 2 hours and include a variety of standardized assessments depending on your child’s age and maturity (under 3, preschool, school-aged or teens).    This evaluation is  recommended for children who have never received an OT evaluation and very families who want a thorough education about their child’s sensory processing needs.   These evaluations include a parent feedback meeting, a full written report and recommendations.


Evaluations of adults often begin with a lengthy in-office consultation.  After the consultation, diagnostic clinical observations will be scheduled that vary in time.  These evaluations include a written report, as well as strategies and recommendations.


When parents are concerned that their child’s maturation is delayed across multiple areas of functioning, an evaluation by an interdisciplinary team of specialists (psychologist, speech and language therapist, and occupational therapist) is indicated to assess, clarify, and diagnose the problem. Sensory Kids has partnered with the Southfield Center for Development in Darien to conduct this type of in-depth assessment with the goal of giving parents and schools a clear understanding of a child’s needs and a road map to address those needs. This is our most comprehensive evaluation, meant to cover several inter-related and critical areas of a child’s development (cognitive ability, communication skills, educational ability, motor functioning and sensory integration). Every assessment results in a report that is clear, actionable, and delivered in a timely manner.

Sensory Kids also works closely with many other excellent clinical practices in Fairfield County and would be happy to provide suggestions for other experts in the area.