Once you are part of the Sensory Kids family, we will conduct a Goal meeting and train the family/caregiver in a home program (“Sensory diet”).  Each child is unique and Sensory Kids believes strongly in customizing each program to the family and child’s needs.  For example, some families need the home program to work in a busy household with multiple children while getting out the door for school.  The goals and home programs should reflect your child, your family and your specific needs.   We enjoy working closely with each family and assisting you in any of your concerns.

Goal Assessment Meeting

The goal assessment meeting with a child’s treating therapist consists of a one-hour discussion with parents. The purpose is to establish certain near-term goals (within 3-6 months of treatment) that the family has decided are important. The therapist will prepare a meeting summary as well as measurable goals that are determined together between therapist and parents. Follow-up goal assessment meetings are scheduled as needed.


Home Programs- “Sensory Diets”

Individualized home-treatment plans include the most up-to-date sensory-integration techniques and sensory “diets.” Sensory diets consist of sensorimotor therapeutic activities and schedules to be followed throughout the day. Sensory diets help children “self-regulate.” The overall goal of these home programs is to provide parents with skills necessary to practice at home the therapeutic techniques offered at the clinic. This ongoing support is crucial: Home programming enhances multi-sensory processing and facilitates learning at an ideal level throughout the day.